Do we ship fish and supplies?


Yes, Near Blue African Cichlids ships live fish and supplies across the continental United States via UPS. Live fish are delivered Next Day Priority with a guarantee by 1030 AM local time and DOA guarantee to ensure your fish are healthy and happy in their new environment. UPS ground is used for dry goods by default unless you need something more urgently.


How much does shipping cost?


Cost varies, but a 20x16x10 standard fish box ranges from $30-$100 depending on delivery zone and Near Blue charges only actual shipping cost. Discounts are available for larger orders and pre-orders, so contact us with your wish list.


What seasons do you ship?


Shipping is available anytime of year within the continential United States from our Garwood, New Jersey headquarters to your doorstep. When weather becomes unmanagable, Near Blue will restrict shipping based upon regional weather conditions and hold the order until shipping risk is minimized.


What days do you ship?


We ship our fish on Thursdays of each week for Friday AM delivery, unless prior notice is confirmed for a special delivery with special needs. Cutoff times are 6PM EST every Monday for the week's order.


Why Thursdays?


This allows us to acclimate our fish to isolation tanks early in the week, pick only the best specimens for shipment, and properly purge our fish to minimize waste in the bag water during transport. Your fish will arrive HHH (happy, healthy, and hungry), but we ask that you carefully acclimate and do not feed until they get used to their new surroundings over the first night in their new home.


How do we ship fish?


Fish are shipped in proper PSI crush strength boxes which are an industry standard and required by all major carriers. Boxes are lined with styrofoam interior boxes with supplemental heat depending on season.


  • All fish are triple bagged for safety in 2-3mil poly bags

  • Large fish (over 4") are packed individually for safety

  • Fish from 2-3" are packed in small groups

  • Juvis are packed up to 30 per box in muliple bags depending on sensitivity of species

  • Purchases of multiple species are always bagged seperately to avoid confusion

  • DOA policies do not apply for fry which are more succeptible to shipping problems


How can the fish breath?


Fish are packed in Oxygen, not air, with ratios of 1/3 water to 2/3 water with appropriate adjustments as determined by Near Blue.


What is a DOA Policy?


Near Blue guarantees live arrival of our fish with a replacement guarantee subject to the following guidelines and restrictions.


  • Fish are shipped using the most cost effective overnight method, UPS, Fedex, or USPS with agreement of buyer

  • Buyer is responsible for the accuruacy of ship-to information and contact info for carrier

  • Buyer must be available to receive fish based upon service commitments from carrier, missed delivery voids DOA policy

  • Adult signature is required for delivery

  • DOA in bag must be photographed in bag and sent to Near Blue African Cichlids within 1 hour of receipt with proper view to show the DOA, close up video is acceptable if it shows unopened bag and fish DOA, send to

  • Air cargo shipments must be picked up at Air Cargo terminal and DOA must be communicated to Near Blue with 3 hours of pickup

  • DOA credit will be a fish credit for future order or replacement, repeat shipping is paid by the customer.

  • Shipping costs are not credited unless carrier admits responsibility for DOA and refunds shipper

  • All orders are prepaid with credit card in purchasers name only

  • Buyers must demonstrate proper and acceptable acclimating knowledge and procedures

  • If additional stock of DOA species is not available, a credit note will be issued which is good for 12 months on any species

  • Near Blue reserves the right to refund fish cost if credit is not feasible or appropriate


How do I order?


Please browse our stock list and send your order via email to Ensure you clearly list your desired fish, size and quantity along with shipping address. We will confirm stock and send an invoice to you at email address provided. For accurate shipping, please provide your zip code.